Call for Artists – June 13-15, Salina, KS


Hill Brin

The Smoky Hill River Festival, sponsored by the Salina Arts & Humanities Commission, is a regional arts festival filled with special events, headlining performance art, music, food and two separate art markets. It is homecoming weekend for thousands of Kansans who plan their vacations to include attendance at the Festival.

Where is Salina, Kansas? Visit this mapquest link to find out.

Why should you be interested?

  1. It is one of the best festivals in the Central U.S. and the premiere art event in Kansas.
  2. It is a true Arts celebration with a serious commitment to quality and innovation.
  3. Over 2000 enthusiastic volunteers work to bring strong financial support.
  4. Evidence of civic pride insures enduring community partnerships with businesses and individuals.
  5. The entire region embraces the festival with outstanding hospitality and support.

Are you saying, “This sounds like what I have been looking for. How can I take part?” Here are your choices:

1. Four Rivers Craft Market
June 13-15, Friday through Sunday
A juried craft market
53 Exhibitors
Deadline: March 1

A highly-acclaimed juried craft show features 53 exhibitors from across the nation. This show features innovative and original hand made works in a distinctive combination of folk art, traditional and contemporary craft.

2. Fine Art Show
June 14 & 15, Saturday and Sunday
2-D and 3-D Fine Art
90 Exhibitors
Deadline: March 1

Recipient of numerous national awards of recognition, the #1 juried show in Kansas presents international and national artists exhibiting a variety of outstanding two and three dimensional artwork: jewelry, ceramics, fiber, mixed media, painting, drawing, glass, metal, graphics/printmaking, sculpture, photography, digital works, wood and leather.

A few years ago I attended the NAIA Directors Conference and the Visual Arts Coordinator of the Smoky Hill River Festival, Karla Prickett, did a presentation to the art fair directors on her event. What we saw was a finely tuned, cutting edge event that brings exciting entertainment and fine art to Kansas. The quality of the festival environment is matched by the enthusiastic reception given it by the region’s residents.

Visit their information filled website to learn more and download an application:


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2 Responses to “Call for Artists – June 13-15, Salina, KS”

  1. Constance Mettler Says:

    Here is an interchange about this festival:

    I would love the opinions of artist who have attended the Salina, Kansas Smoky Arts Festival. This summer I heard from a fine craft artist is that the show fell far below expectations which could be true for a watercolor asrtist which I am. Living in Ohio and driving to Kansas I would really like other’s opinions of the show before I start up the gas engine. Fran M.


    What I would do is go to their website and see if the list of the 2007 exhibitors is up there. I think it is. See if you know any of them and/or of them. Then contact that person for more info. I do know this is a highly regarded event where the exhibitors are treated very well. If you don’t know anyone I could post an inquiry on my blog…for anyone who has done the show for more info…and/or your contact info. I do know someone who was there last year and I believe he is applying again for 2008, not absolutely sure though.

    I went to their site previously before writing to you. I knew no one.

    I have done shows that are rated in the top 100 or higher and found that they are not cracked up to their ratings and/or did not even have the buying public. … At Columbus Winter Fair I was with a gallery that demonstrated and got three spaces for free. The attendance was low and not many were buying. Hathawa Brown, Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, The Buffalo show (cannot remember the name), Saracuse, N.Y. and so many others are like that.

    This year I got honorable mention at Boston Mills Artfest the first weekend and the sells were great for me. My work will be in a third book, I have been in The Artist Magazine and I have been doing shows since 1990. More then I care to remember. I have been selling but it is time to find new places … An honest talk among the show circuit artist trading information on the shows. .(would be helpful).

    Hi Don,

    I am doing a call for entries for the Salina, KS, River festival this week. You have done this festival, I believe. I had some negative feedback from an artist about the festival and was wondering what your take on it was. I will publish your name if you want, or your info can be anonymous…okay?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi Connie,
    It would be hard to understand the negative feedback unless they were only talking about sales. Not everyone does well at this show, but can you name me one where everyone does? I’ve done the show for about seven years now, and keep expecting to burn out the market, but what seems to happen is that enough new patrons buy my work each year to make it worthwhile to keep going back. And many of these “new” patrons are ones who have watched me over the years, and after repeatedly seeing me, they perhaps develop some trust.

    For everything else, I am hard-pressed to come up with a show that does it better than Smoky Hill. The community support and enthusiasm is really special. The entire park is decorated, there is excellent music, there are tons of volunteers, there are crowds who are interested in your work, and hopefully “interested” enough to make for a profitable show. The logistical support and help available for artists is excellent, they really do care that you are there. I hope to be there again this year.

    Feel free to use my name.

    Don Ament

  2. Chakrapanye Says:

    As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

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