Oh, no! Survivor: Art Fair Artist Was Only a Joke!


Walt Majewski at Arts, Beats & EatsA prospective candidate for the new Survivor: Art Fair – Artist Walt Majewski of Tampa, FL, setting up at another art fair – #786 in his career

If you read my post on November 9, you learned about the fabulous new Survivor series filming soon: Survivor – Art Fair. Sorry to say, some people took it seriously. Please

Here is the retraction that was sent to my subscribers:

“Yesterday I included an article in the newsletter entitled: CBS (Colonial Broadcasting Company) Announces New Reality Show – Survivor: Art Fair.

It turns out I should have checked my facts more closely. This story had shown up in my email box from artist Patricia Hecker. I laughed and laughed when I read it. And decided that my subscribers would also enjoy reading this flight of fancy and attributed it to Pat’s fertile mind.

It was included in yesterday’s newsletter that went out to artists and art fair organizers. Immediately I started receiving emails from friends, greatly amused by the story. Unfortunately, others took it as fact and started contacting Pat Hecker for more information. Friends, there is no deal with CBS to feature our art fair lives. I apologize to those who thought it was so, especially I apologize to Pat and Jon Hecker who have received some unwelcome attention because of my error.

Pat did not write the story and has no connection with it except that she sent it to me. I hope you will reread it in the vein in which it was intended.

When I showed the story to my partner, Norm Darwish, he said that I should send a retraction and to say that the program would not be produced because of the writer’s strike and that Art Fair Survivor was cancelled indefinitely. Again, this was just a hoax. Please if you have any questions about this, contact me: connie@artfaircalendar.com, not Pat Hecker.”

Thank goodness my faith in artists was rewarded. Here are a few emails I received:

About that “The CBS special edition of “Survivor: Art Fairs” Is this for real? Or a joke? I checked the website listed and saw nothing there about this. It’s something artists would understand but I think not the general public. The criteria are pretty stiff and I wouldn’t qualify (gosh, I guess I haven’t suffered enough yet), but I would sure watch the show! Thanks! Enjoying the newsletter and passing it on to friends. It was nice meeting you in Pontiac.
Lin Lahlum

The art fair survivor is hysterical- yikes- it hurt a little.
Jan Richardson

Connie, please know that there are plenty of us out in the Chicagoland area that totally got the joke. I am astounded that some folks thought it was a serious story. I got a great laugh out of yesterday’s email and forwarded it on to several artists that had not yet signed up for your newsletters, but have done so now. Thanks for adding some humor in my day!

Best regards,
Karen Walerow
Wheatland OmniMedia
2007 Telly Award Winners

That was so funny. I know it’s true. Andy Shea

a hoax? i guess you are going to tell me that the martians didn’t invade either, when orsen wells made his broadcast? can’t we trust ANYTHING? i have to say, i did expect some people to take it seriously – it had a sort of real ring to it – if it hadn’t been quite so extreme!

actually an art show sitcom would be a great possible topic!

allan (Teger)

Oh My God…….How hysterical, yet true!!!
I wish there was a show like this for real for all my helpful friends who think that I should participate in every show on the planet!

Shionne Designs

Hilarious, I can’t believe anyone took that thing seriously. Don Ament


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One Response to “Oh, no! Survivor: Art Fair Artist Was Only a Joke!”

  1. Constance Mettler Says:

    Dear Connie,

    How are you? I just finished my show season last Sunday, and get ready for next year.

    I came across the blog about Survivor: Art Fairs, and it came to me that me and a few other artists started out this back in late Oct. Here is part of the original mail which Gary and Ken came out with. I have no idea it turned out to be a big deal. We should make it to survivor TV program. I have always thought of doing document about art show circus.

    We’ve all been playing this game for years. The only thing new here would be the addition of TV cameras.

    I got the scoop on next season’s Survivor on CBS. It will be called “Survivor: Art Fairs”. They’ll have 32 contestants competing to survive a season on the art fair circuit. No million dollar winner this time. The winner will just break even for the year and just cover expenses. All other contestants will lose thousands of dollars. Should be the toughest Survivor yet. It’s hard to imagine they could find anyone dumb enough to sign up for that, but apparently there are plenty of gluttons for punishment who are willing to do so. They’re called artists.

    Lou Hii

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