Two Art Fairs Make a Fine Connection


Duncan McClellanWish I was in Orlando this weekend. Not only will you find the Festival of the Masters sponsored by Walt Disney World with its roster of 160 award-winning artists but nearby you can also view the House of Blues folk art fest with 39 folk artists, “Where Art Meets the Soul.”

What is special about the Festival of the Masters is that every artist must have won a primary award in a juried art show or festival in the last three years. You will find only the best art here.

When I was in Los Angeles recently I made my first trip to a House of Blues venue on the Sunset Strip for a Gospel Brunch. Yes, the music was knockout and the food leads me to believe that this is more of a food venue than a music venue (really good!) but the building was fabulous, what looked to be a huge old South warehouse cobbled together with odds and ends–and inside was a treasure of outsider art. This art was made from everything, but mostly found treasures: bottle caps, string, bits of mirror, raw wood, collaged pieces. It was enough to make one forget the music and the food.

This is the decor for all the House of Blues venues, I believe.

If you are in Florida this weekend though you in for a terrific visual treat, head for downtown Disney for a cool cultural experience.

For the rest of the story see Mary Frances Emmons’ article in the Orlando Sentinel:

For more on the Festival of the Masters, hours and exhibitors visit this website:


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