Call For Artists: Art Fair Overstock Sale – February 2


Kim Rorick potteryArt Fair Overstock Sale
Madison Heights, MI
66 Spaces
10 x 10-$100; 10 x 15-$135
Deadline: November 15

Where is Madison Heights? Visit this link.

In recent years overstock sales of artists’ work has taken place (to much popular acclaim) in many places, including Columbus, OH, Ft. Wayne, IN, and Kalamazoo, MI. These are very laid back events and anything goes, except buy/sell. Bring your blue light! I love this idea! Here is why:

  • everyone loves a bargain
  • it gives an artist some working capital during a time of the year when events are few
  • it enables the artist to turn excess inventory, seconds and anything art related into cash
  • expenses are low
  • easy one day in and out
  • no jury fees
  • no fancy booths

This is quick and easy-wear your jeans, set up in the morning, sell your extras, take down, get out of there, stop for dinner and count your cash! What’s not to like? Think garage sale, clearance, and recycle all at once!

The Overstock Sale is held at a union hall that is well-known for holding special events. Easily accessible from the freeways and great parking for everyone. It is a low budget event, no one is pretending to be Cherry Creek–fun for all! Imagine having another place to sell your goods in the winter.

Contact Donna Beaubien to receive an application. Hurry, time is running out!, or call: 247-689-8734.


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