Art Online: What A Critic Finds Cool


Have you ever visited Saatchi Gallery online? Created by the advertising giant Saatchi Agency, its purpose is to showcase contemporary artists that have not been exhibited in the U.K.

Artists can upload their work to the site and interact with patrons and other artists. Since it was established a few years ago more than 60,ooo artists have joined. It is a terrific place to see the latest in contemporary art.

I mention it today because I just read Nicholas Forrest’s blog entry on the Top Ten Artists from the Saatchi Online Gallery. How in the world Nick was able to get through 60,000 artists to pick out ten is a question best left to him to answer. I’m adding it to my blog for two reasons:

  1. the entire gallery is a great inside look at the contemporary art market
  2. artists might find it an inspiring place to visit to find their own place in this world
  3. maybe your work belongs there; a terrific place to expose it to the international market.

Read the entire article at this link: Nick’s Top Ten Artists from the Saatchi Online Gallery


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