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This summer I visited the Krasl Art Fair in St. Joseph, MI, and was very pleased to meet Diane Cannon of Elkhart, IN. I stopped to take this photo to capture this great scene: Diane, nearly SOLD OUT!

Congratulations, Diane.

1. Invest in the Arts in Michigan: What is happening to arts funding in the new state budget?

According to ArtServe Michigan, “The Governor has lifted the moratorium on grants to the arts and cultural sector but, in order to balance the State’s budget, major cuts were made to the same funds suspended by the moratorium. With the enactment of these cuts, the arts community will only receive a portion of what they were originally promised.”

To read more about this issue visit the ArtServe website.

2. Art That Follows the Money, a floating Art Fair: Can’t quite decide how to use the fortune you received from your hedge fund investment? Here’s the answer, a yacht packed with galleries that lands where the collectors are. “Wealthy people in the US have more money than time. This is designed to make it an interesting, easy experience within 15 minutes of their house,” says David Lester, owner of the yacht and promoter of the mobile luxury shopping venue. Read more about Sea Fair.

3. The Zoo Art Fair: the coolest one in London, part of the Freize Art Fair. Interested in how art fairs get started or how an artists career takes turns and twists and why you can’t put a price on creativity? Tired of people asking about “affordable art?” The organizer of the Zoo Art Fair, Soraya Rodriguez, says,”There is nothing affordable about art – making it isn’t affordable, showing it isn’t affordable, insuring, transporting, writing about it. It’s a stupid idea to think….,” click here for the rest of this excellent story.

4. First Art Fair Lessons, posted on the HojPoj blog. Some basics on how to do your first art fair from a true novice. A fun and instructive read for all those of you who are thinking about chucking your job and hitting the road with your creative impulses.

5. Cool Art Link of the Month: a website bursting with creative inspiration. Probably a great place to browse when your muses have temporarily left you. Beware, it is stuffed with whimsical experiences, expect to find it irresistible.


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