The Good Stuff: Gallery Opening, Art Website, Marketing, Etc.


1. Artist Patricia Hecker ( is having a heck of a good time moving away from her wall pieces to some great furniture and unusual artifacts. She recently opened an exhibit at the Waldron Art Center in Bloomington, IN, with this body of work which she calls “Tattoo Dreams.”

2. Daily Art Attack – A web site you must visit because

  1. it has cool art
  2. it shows terrific Internet marketing
  3. there is a photo competition
  4. maybe you can be part of it also

Visit 20×, an artist’s website that sells! Here is the artist’s formula that she applies to the Internet: large editions + low prices x the internet = art for everyone. This is some serious food for thought.

3. Damn I Wish I’d Thought of That!- Part II – Word of Mouth Marketing
This newsletter is so full of smart marketing ideas I’m talking about it again. Read it, pick up one tip, you are that much wiser a marketer.
How do you get customers to talk about your offline business?

  1. Ask them to recommend you
  2. Replace the matchbook – pass out handouts to get the word out
  3. Do something unusually nice – little surprises trigger talk

Visit the above link for the rest of this story.

4. Treat of the day:
Really, really funny take off on the game show, a program that’s based on an arts oriented concept. The host of the show is named Chlorine…


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