Recycled Art Show in Bellingham, WA


I hope you had a chance to read Don Ament’s story below (and visit his website) about the destruction of the mountaintops in Kentucky. In keeping with that story here is something else in that vein: Bellingham (WA) Recycled Art Show. The sixth annual 2007 RE Art Recycled Art Exhibition will take place Oct. 5-27 in three locations in Bellingham.


  1. The Allied Arts of Whatcom County
  2. The RE Store Gallery will focus on art submitted from young people.
  3. The W.W.U. Viking Gallery will show pieces from higher education students (Western Washington U., Whatcom Community College, Bellingham Technical College and Skagit CC.


There’s room for fashion, too! A Haute Trash Fashion Show runway performance will take place Oct. 20. (Taken from the Craft Gossip Blog Network)

Now if we could only recycle some of this to put back on those mountaintops in Kentucky!


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One Response to “Recycled Art Show in Bellingham, WA”

  1. Amie Says:

    the show looks like great fun!

    thanks for sharing ;o)

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