Outrage at St. James Court Art Show in Louisville


An artist at St. James – photo by Norm Darwish

St. James Court Art Show – October 5-7

Oh, St. James, St. James. Just like at Kansas City a few weeks ago, local artists have their panties all twisted up because the “locals” have been excluded. I mean, really, who cares? It is just another weekend in the art fair biz.

Sure, a lot of exhibitors are from out of town. I keep hearing all this nostalgia about the way it used to be. Do you think everyone in the fair(s) (actually four or five of them) is getting rich? When we first participated in St. James, in 1984, there were all kinds of strange things and it was mostly a country craft fair.

It was kind of cool because you really didn’t have to set up on Friday and a lot of the local exhibitors came in on Saturday morning with whatever they could put their hands on. I mean, lots of wood crafts: mostly “boo” sticks and reindeer made from a log, dried flowers, U of L paraphernalia, towels with a crochet top, etc.

Now those people have mostly been eradicated from the event, but I’ll bet if you look hard enough you will find them.

Here is another twist: since 650 exhibitors is not enough, there is now a St. James Unfair. Visit this link for more info: http://www.mrquick.net/stjamesunfair/

Not only are local artists unhappy, local residents are also, as the St. James Court Assn. battles them for the use of the strip of land in front of their homes that is used for the artist displays. Several years ago when my partner and I were exhibiting in the event we arrived to find that the homeowners who owned the property where our booth usually stood had blockaded it so it could not be used. As we were long time exhibitors show chairman Susan Coleman found us a space somewhere else. Which worked out just as well for us. Susan too.

Interested in the battle between the residents and the Association? Visit this link: www.courier-journal.com


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