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Photographer Curtis Krueger and the Traveling Chair

October 22, 2007

We all know that in order to earn a living at art fairs the artists must be “on the road.” Here is a very nice story by Detroit Free Press columnist, Susan Ager, “The Chair That Doesn’t Sit Still” chronicling art fair artist Curtis Krueger and his travels with an elderly neighbor’s chair.

Recently Curtis’s truck burst into a fireball on his way to a show. He grabbed what was most important upon exiting, then went back for the chair which has been his traveling companion to all 50 states where it poses for a memorable photo. His first photo of the chair was taken as a birthday gift for his 98 year old neighbor, a real homebody. It was entitled “Mrs. Davis’ Chair Goes to the Beach.”

In her lifetime Mrs. Davis mostly stayed at home, yet her spirit travels with Curtis to many locations and inspires him still.

Read this fascinating human interest story at the

Many thanks to writer Susan Ager for her continuing coverage of the art fair business and the artists who are at its heart.


The Good Stuff: Gallery Opening, Art Website, Marketing, Etc.

October 21, 2007

1. Artist Patricia Hecker ( is having a heck of a good time moving away from her wall pieces to some great furniture and unusual artifacts. She recently opened an exhibit at the Waldron Art Center in Bloomington, IN, with this body of work which she calls “Tattoo Dreams.”

2. Daily Art Attack – A web site you must visit because

  1. it has cool art
  2. it shows terrific Internet marketing
  3. there is a photo competition
  4. maybe you can be part of it also

Visit 20×, an artist’s website that sells! Here is the artist’s formula that she applies to the Internet: large editions + low prices x the internet = art for everyone. This is some serious food for thought.

3. Damn I Wish I’d Thought of That!- Part II – Word of Mouth Marketing
This newsletter is so full of smart marketing ideas I’m talking about it again. Read it, pick up one tip, you are that much wiser a marketer.
How do you get customers to talk about your offline business?

  1. Ask them to recommend you
  2. Replace the matchbook – pass out handouts to get the word out
  3. Do something unusually nice – little surprises trigger talk

Visit the above link for the rest of this story.

4. Treat of the day:
Really, really funny take off on the game show, a program that’s based on an arts oriented concept. The host of the show is named Chlorine…

Benefit for Corlette Thomas Baylock

October 19, 2007

Corlette Thomas Baylock
The Nut Man

While on his way to a show in Indiana, local artist Corlette Thomas Baylock’s van caught fire on the highway. The van became engulfed in flames and all of Corlette’s artwork & supplies are gone. Thanks to a good Samaritan, Corlette was able to escape without injury.

But his art career is on hold.

Local artist Deby Cowdin and art show promoter Lisa Nemeth invite you to help Corlette rebuild by either attending a dinner to benefit Corlette or by donating art supplies to him.

Join us for
An evening of Dinner & Conversation
With local artist
Corlette Thomas Baylock
Friday, October 26, 2007
5:30 – 8:30
Café Sausalito at the Galleria
1301 East Ninth Street, Second Level
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

$30.00 for dinner / Cash Bar

Begin the evening from 5:30 – 7:00
With a wine & cheese reception on the second floor of the Galleria
At the Northcoast Promotions, Inc. Office
7:00 dinner at Café Sausalito

Local artists will have works for sale to benefit Corlette

For reservations & more information
Contact Lisa Nemeth at
216.570.8201 or visit

Can’t attend the dinner, but still want to help?
– Contact Deby Cowdin at to donate artwork
– Contact Becky Cummings from the Art House at to donate art supplies

Errors in the Newsletter –

October 19, 2007

Dear Readers,

1. Please accept my apologies for giving a great teaser in my newsletter for a cool video on and then not including the link.

2. Furthermore, also accept my apologies for sending out another newsletter admitting the error (entitled “Errors”) and then giving you a link that did not work.

Herewith is the story (and I hope) the correct link:

I have never taken a pottery class and really never have seen a potter throw a pot. This video of potter Michael Kahn gracefully making bowls is a marvel to watch and very instructive. The back story on it is although he makes the seemingly endless construction of the bowls look very easy, it was a unique run of a special design that he made as favors for his daughter’s wedding.

Visit this link to be awed.

Your embarrassed editor, Constance

Love to Shop? Don’t Miss the Wearable Art Show at the Cleveland Museum of Art

October 18, 2007


Sunday, October 21, 2007
La Center, 25777 Detroit Rd., Westlake, OH 44145

11:00 – Boutique Preview Sales
1:00 – Fashion Show & Lunch, Advance Reservations Required
2:30-5:00 – Boutique and Runway Sales, Open to the Public

Born to shop? Then you will absolutely love this fundraiser for the textile collection at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Those attending will see a runway show featuring hand-crafted apparel and accessories. Afterward they can buy what they’ve fallen in love with on the catwalk and browse boutique booths to see the work of over 67 fiber artists creating all manner of things wearable: beaded and threaded jewelry, vintage designs, embellished jeans, crocheted hats, children’s clothing, custom made dresses, etc.

If you don’t know what to wear while attending your next art fair you can find it here.

For more info and more details:

And/or visit the Cleveland Museum of Art’s website for the rest of the story: Cleveland Museum of Art.

Off Topic: Booker Prize Winner & Donald Trump

October 18, 2007

Anne Enright’s (“exhilaratingly bleak”) novel, The Gathering, has just been announced winner of the Booker Prize, the annual contemporary fiction award, to writers from the British Commonwealth and Ireland.

I am writing about it here because once again the favorites were overlooked and reading the critique of the judging reminded me so much of the critiquing that takes place around the art fairs. Here is a synopsis:

Howard Davies criticized the UK’s newspaper reviewers for praising mediocre works from well-known writers and overlooking books like Enright’s. “I think a little more distance, and critical scepticism, is required by our reviewers, together with greater readiness to notice new names,” Davies said. He also indicated the judges were “surprised by the reverential tone adopted by reviewers in relation to books which, to us, did not come off at all.” Why the judges were even looking at reviews instead of just the books themselves was not addressed–nor have we seen that question posed yet by the UK papers – from Publishers Lunch, 10/17/07

Even more interesting was this tidbit of info:

People Paid to Line Up for Trump Book
Learning Annex president Bill Zanker paid people to line up outside the BN store on Fifth Avenue and 46th Street yesterday for a signing by Donald Trump of their joint book THINK BIG AND KICK ASS IN BUSINESS AND LIFE. Zanker dispensed $100 each to the first 100 people in line, $50 each to the next 100, and $10 each to the next 1,000 or so people.

Read the rest of this story at the New York Times blog.

“Out & About Norfolk” – 1st Annual Paint Out

October 17, 2007

Are you a painter? Looking for an opportunity to paint in an invigorating environment? Then you might be interested in the following announcement from Karen Kinser, organizer of the 1st Annual Paint Out In Norfolk, VA.

“Out & About Norfolk” – 1st Annual Paint Out
CALL TO ARTISTS! All 2-D mediums
Nov 30 and Dec 1
Over $2000+ in awards
1st Place – $1000 Purchase Award
Sponsored by the Bank of Hampton Roads, Norfolk, VA

Karen Kinser’s Studios at Monticello in the historic Monticello Arcade, is presenting this new event in Norfolk, VA.

Artists, this is a chance to get out of your musty studios and escape your 10×10 white caves . . . and come paint and play nicely with others! (sic)

I’m making every effort to create a well-planned First Class – Artist Friendly – For & About Artists Event! Ads have been placed and email press releases have been sent to: Art Calendar, Virginia Living,, Artline, Tidewater Women, and a huge mailing list of networked art centers and working artists.

Awards are growing . . . as I write, they are approaching $3000. (I am a ruthless fund-raiser with lots of “markers” to collect on – Dona”Kar”leoni is my monaker for this event.)

An “Adopt-an-Artist” program is growing – area individuals and businesses are inviting artists to paint their storefronts, homefronts, gardens, street scenes, etc . . . with no “obligation to purchase”. They will provide access to a restroom and a light lunch. (And hopefully, they will attend the Reception & Awards Party on Saturday nite and take home a painting!)

If you would like to come, but need a place to stay . . . I am also organizing a list of folks who would like to “put you up” for the duration of the Paint Out.
Get in touch with me . . . 757-286-6210.

PLEASE COME! Check it out! Paint Outs are a great way to expose your work and name to a more “personal” market and THEY ARE A BLAST!

This is also a great opportunity for Tidewater collectors.

Link: The Studios at Monticello – Out&About INFO
URL: <>

Any Chance You Are Going to be in Iowa This Weekend?

October 14, 2007

Indulge Yourself: Be Touched By Art

Once a year the private studios of the best artists in northwest Iowa are open to you. Working in a multitude of mediums the professional artists welcome you to their unique studio spaces. Be entranced by works in progress. Purchase finished art to take home and enjoy.

A.R.T., Artisans Road Trip, is a collaboration of artists from 8 northwest Iowa counties, welcoming you to this self-guided tour of their work environs. From its inception in 2004, the group has grown to include 41 art professionals. Plan to experience painting, drawings, pottery, sculpture, jewelry, photography, kaleidoscopes, hand blown glass, stained glass, neon glass, wood turning, mosaics, weaving, fibers, and furniture.

Nothing can compare with meeting the artists in person at their studios, and talking with them about their creative processes. Begin your weekend adventure at where you will find maps of the 31 artist locations for your self-guided tour, as well as amenities for your stay. Plan now for your northwest Iowa art adventure!

Saturday October 13th, 9am thru 5 pm
Sunday October 14th 12pm thru 5 pm

My thanks to painter Karen Cooper who sent me this information.

Two Cool Blog Posts – The Rest of the Art Scene

October 14, 2007

Here are a couple of links that showcase art events an arm’s reach away from the art fairs. Entrepreneurial people trying other ways to market their art and integrate it into their life styles.

Interested in hip-hop culture? or the cultural savvy-ness of the skateboarders? Maybe, you say. Well just in case you need to stretch your idea of art visit this very cool YouTube video posted by music producer, Dante Ross, about the “Untitled Skateboard Art Show:”

Another fun blog is “Arty Farty,” with Arabella Prosser’s art take, as well as a good example of some excellent marketing and finding ways to exhibit her work beyond the outdoor art scene: at Art Show Recap

Off Topic: Congratulations to my favorite author, Doris Lessing!

October 13, 2007

Perhaps you have heard, British author, Doris Lessing has won the Nobel Prize for literature. I’ve been reading her books for over 30 years and thoroughly have enjoyed her increased feistiness as she has gotten older. In the first volume of her autobiography, Under My Skin, she talks about “signing for her supper,” her crack at the publicity tours necessary to sell books in this day and age.

Here is a story from the Publishers Lunch newsletter:

“Doris Lessing told reporters yesterday after the announcement of her Noble victory: “I can’t say I’m overwhelmed with surprise. . . . I’m 88 years old and they can’t give the Nobel to someone who’s dead, so I think they were probably thinking they’d probably better give it to me now before I’ve popped off.”

She also said, “This has been going on for 30 years. I’ve won all the prizes in Europe, every bloody one, so I’m delighted to win them all. It’s a royal flush.”

Academy secretary Horace Engdahl told Reuters that “members of the academy had discussed her as a potential laureate for years.” He said: “Now the moment was right. Perhaps we could say that she is one of the most carefully considered decisions in the history of the Nobel Prize. She has opened up a new area of experience that earlier had not been very accepted in literature. That has to do with, for instance, female sexuality.”

Meanwhile, NYT reporter Motoko Rich sent a dispatch from the Fair via the Papercuts blog, reporting on reaction to the Doris Lessing news. In the jubilant Harper booth, Patrice Hoffman from France’s Flammarion noted “Lessing’s reputation in France has been revived with the publication of ‘The Grandmothers,’ a short story that originally appeared in a volume with three other shorter works. The story, about two mothers who have sexual relationships with each other’s sons, has sold 40,000 copies in France.” Harper was intrigued by the possibility of doing the same.”

I read ‘The Grandmothers‘ this spring and have to tell you it was a downright ungrandmotherly story, not the sweetness and light you might expect. Read that book, and be piqued by Lessing’s ageless eye as she (once again) dissects man’s (and woman’s) foibles. At 88, she is the oldest winner of this prize.

It’s about time.