Wade Steffey Memorial Endowment


Purdue University and Parents Agree to Settle

Wade Steffey, the 19 year old son of artists Dawn Adams and Dale Steffey of Bloomington, IN, died accidentally last winter when he gained access to an unlocked electrical vault at Purdue University. Purdue has settled with Wade’s parents and have agreed to a one-time $500,000 payment to the family and have established a $100,000 endowed scholarship in Wade’s name. The Wade Steffey Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to students from Indiana to attend Purdue. Dawn and Dale have given up any further claim for remuneration.

“The settlement provides financial compensation for the family and also assures Wade Steffey’s memory will live on through the students who have access to a Purdue education because of the scholarship,” Purdue Vice President for University Relations Joseph L. Bennett said in a statement yesterday.

Friends of Dawn and Dale donated artwork for an auction held in May that raised almost $20,000 for the fund. Our condolences go out to them for the great loss they have suffered. Expressions of sympathy will reach them at: 315 South Arbutus, Bloomington, IN 47401

For more information visit: www.purdue.edu, click on “Purdue, family agree to settlement”; also visit WadeSteffey.net for additional details.


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