Art Fair Feedback – Part 1


Goral's jewelry
There are not many places for artists and art event organizers to go to air their grievances with one another. This is the first post in a series that will serve this purpose.

Carmel Art Fair – held in a lovely area of Indianapolis, did the unthinkable this year by adding an additional 86 artists! Art show organizers, what were you thinking? An art fair cannot continue to be a cash cow for you if your way of adding to your revenue stream is to add artists booths.

This only dilutes the sales for the good artists who have been loyal to your show and the quality will go down. It is like shooting yourself in the foot, a very self destructive plan. Did you also add to the number of patrons in order to insure the success of the additional artists?

There are other ways to increase the revenue necessary to meet your fiscal needs: finding good sponsors, designing a t-shirt for sale that is irresistible, charging a small gate fee, applying for grants, etc.

Usually artists will prefer higher booth fees than adding additional artists. Do not increase the size of your event unless you are certain that sales for existing artists will not be hampered by the increase.


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