Plaza Art Fair Wrap Up


So you didn’t make it to Kansas City for the Plaza Art Fair this weekend, or you did and it was so terrific you want to read more about it. Here are some reports:

My niece, Jennifer Vincent’s husband Scott and his law partners opened a new office on the Plaza in Kansas City recently and hosted an open house Friday night, bringing visitors to their party and also bringing shoppers to the Art Fair. Thanks, Jenni!

Jenni’s report is that it was packed on Friday night until a heavy cloud burst at 8:30 cleared the streets and sent people packing.

Here are a few links to get more information on the Plaza Art Fair:

In the Kansas City Star’s online version you can see a nice promo of the sights and sounds, plus read a report on the fair:

In the Needle and Clay blog dollmaker Thessalyrose visits the Plaza and writes an interesting story about artist Karen Woodward‘s amusing small glass sculptures.

Tony’s Kansas City blog has a nice wrapup of the weekend. He lists all the things to do then says he he’ll just stay home alone. Such a shame, lots of ways to spend the weekend.

Another critique on the event itself: In which Randy goes to the Plaza Art Fair and ends up disappointed is another perspective of an artist and someone who really enjoys art fairs. Sounds like a lot of us.

The weather in the Midwest this weekend was perfect. My informants tell me that artist Patricia Hecker brought home a purple ribbon from the Carmel Art Fair in Carmel, IN, this weekend. Congrats, Pat.


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2 Responses to “Plaza Art Fair Wrap Up”

  1. thessalyrose Says:

    Hey, thanks for the mention. Great blog — I’ve recommended it to a Yahoogroup I’m in.

  2. Constance Mettler Says:

    Well, thanks so much. I looked all over before I posted this to find your name to give you some more credit but couldn’t find it.

    Thank you for visiting the art fair and writing thoughtfully about it. Your blog was very interesting to me. I’m new at blogging and am amazed at the really great blogs there are out there.

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