Artists Just Wanna Have Fun


How many art auctions have you attended and just never found that compelling object? Inspired by the upcoming NAIA (National Association of Independent Artists) Director’s Conference, artists Jon and Pat Hecker of Indiana have devised an auction that will thoroughly engage the winning bidder.

What do you know about crop circles? Visit this link for an intriguing adventure and to appreciate the creativity lurking in the fields of Indiana.

A signature mixed media piece by Patricia Hecker


One Response to “Artists Just Wanna Have Fun”

  1. Christie Dunn Says:

    I just found your blog. This year finds me going in several different directions in the art biz. The art part is widening and becoming more expansive. I have had greater sales but fewer venues as I had learned lessons about appropriate venues last year. I also had some health set backs.
    I was very gratified to read the blog and get the encouragement. The poem was soooo good. I love to make good jewelry and am pressing on in achieving the lovely unusual.
    Thanks pals–Christie from A Treasured Touch

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