St. Louis Art Fair Gets Wet – Really Wet


The St. Louis Art Fair is always a bright spot in the traveling artists itinerary, highly coveted and excitedly awaited. It is known for its great Friday night openings when patrons pour out of nearby office parties (specifically held to greet the opening of the art fair) into the booths to collect art.

Sad to say things did not go quite as well this year as wet weather affected attendance and shopping. Did you know that one of the best times to attend an art fair (if you are seriously interested in finding art) is when it is raining. The artists are there, rain or shine, and are eager to meet you.

For more coverage on this aspect of the St. Louis Art Fair visit: St. Louis Art Fair Gets Wet by Aisha Sultan in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

For a review of the fair from an art fair artist’s perspective you might enjoy reading photographer Jeane Vogel’s views at her blog, Beyond the Art Fair. Glad to see that she recognized the fine work of first time St. Louis exhibitor photographer Chris Maher.


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