What I Did on My Summer Vacation-Off to the Art Fairs by Allan Teger



Looking at photography at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver

Where have you been, Allan Teger, and what has been happening at the summer art fairs? Herewith is photographer Teger’s report as he traveled over 4000 miles with his partner, painter Barbara Krupp, looking for good summer art fairs. 8/16/07 Leaving Ohio in early August they traveled to the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis (August 3-5). Yes, this is the weekend the bridge collapsed and there was much consternation around the event. Yet Allan was the poster boy there a few years ago and his audience turned up ready to add to their collections. Both he and Barb were pleased with their high end sales, but the low end and middle level buyers were not much in evidence.

Ever on the look out for new events they made the trek to Sun Valley, ID, for the Arts & Crafts Festival (August 10-12). Here is his report, “It moved to a new location – in town behind the elementary school – instead of the lodge at the Sun Valley Resort. Lost a lot of the high end people because of that. Most people were way off – but they felt that it would be better next year, etc. I did fine – but it was low end – go figure – I thought Minneapolis would be low end and Sun Valley high – it was reversed for me.

Jackson Hole Art Fair is next – we shall see. Been having fun – saw Yellowstone the last two days; its a long trip – almost all show days and driving – this last two days were the only days off.

8/17/07 We set up at Jackson Hole today – this town is the quintessential western town complete with fake gunfights on main street every day and stagecoach rides!

8/22/07 On the way back – driving through the middle of NOWHERE again – Jackson Hole was good for me – despite on and off rain showers. Small show but nicely done. There weren’t many high end buyers there but the galleries in town said the same thing – don’t know what happened this season – the high end isn’t there, especially this month.

Barb and I both picked up galleries in Jackson Hole. Lots of galleries there- mostly western art of course.
Midwest Masters in Fairview Heights, IL, is the next show – – another one that I have never done. After Arts, Beats & Eats in Pontiac, MI, I am scheduled for Cedarhurst in Mt. Vernon, IL. Never did that one before. Do you know anything about it? Barb did it 10 or 15 years ago – and I haven’t talked to anyone else who has done it. I might cancel if the next two shows go well – haven’t had any time to get stock together or to be home for a while.

Been an interesting trip – in Minneapolis the bridge fell the day before the show; Sun Valley, big forest fire a few days after the show filled the town with smoke. Jackson Hole, big rain storms just over the mountain, but just sprinkles at the show lucky so far!

ok – off to the highway


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