Art Show Promises Shock and Ahhh…


We all know that anything to do with sex is a big draw: movies, ads, books, songs, performances. No surprise. A relatively new movement is taking place in the art world. Nudity has always been an acceptable subject in art and I can’t imagine what has taken so long to catch on here.

“Intrusions #3” by Norm Darwish

Several years back The Dirty Show opened in a warehouse in Detroit’s Eastern Market to rave reviews and huge crowds. It was the place to be for all the young cognoscenti. Patterned after another one in Seattle, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, it has been a cool place to hang out, see what would not be hanging in the Detroit Institute of Arts, and collect some fine one-of-a-kind work.

For more info on both: The Dirty Show, Seattle Erotic Art Festival

So, it was with some consternation for the blue hairs and city fathers when it was announced that the First Annual Erotic Art Show would open in St. Petersburg this weekend. St. Pete is definitely better known for its shuffleboard courts.

“The show will be one of the first major exhibits to feature nudity in St. Petersburg in recent memory, said art leaders, who added they were surprised that the city would welcome anything that included nude works,” reports Christine Silva of the St. Petersburg Times.

Way to go, St. Pete!

To read the rest of the story visit this link.


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