“Word of Mouth” Marketing


There are innumerable challenges to being successful at this art fair business, but the fortunate artists are the ones who keep up to date on business practices and are
continually updating their skills. One of the most important is, of course, marketing. Here are some good tips that I recently uncovered from a noozle to which I subscribe: Gas Pedal’s www.damniwish.com.

“Word of Mouth” Marketing is one of the hot new buzz words, and you know it works! Networking, sharing info, why in the heck are you reading this article right now? Here goes:

The Three Reasons People Talk About You

Reason #1: You. They Like You and Your Stuff.

They like you. They feel a connection to your company, they respect what you do, and they want to support you. So they bring their friends. People feel driven to share things they like with their friends, so their friends can enjoy them too. Create great products and services that inspire them. (Think about TiVo, the best album ever, the
best cookie you ever ate, or the spot remover that actually works.)

Be likeable. Make great stuff. Provide great service.

Archie Smith of Mt. Pleasant, NC likable, making great stuff, providing great service

Reason #2: Them. Talking Makes Them Feel Good

People talk because it makes them feel special, smart, connected, in the know, and important. (Think about the restaurant guy, the what’s-on-sale maven, the computer guru.) People also feel good when they can help others find what they need or solve problems. (Think about the guy who always knows which contractor to call or which car to buy.) Provide reasons to talk that make your talkers feel smart and special.

Reason #3: Us. They Feel Connected to the Group

Talking about a company and being passionate about it makes us feel like part of a family. We talk about it because it makes us feel included on the team. (Think about Harley owners, Apple junkies, sports fans, and
anyone who loves a great band.) Rally the team. Give them shirts, private discussion groups, special events, and public recognition.

To learn more about this topic and to sign up for this really useful newsletter visit: www.damniwish.com/newsletter. While you’re there spend some time looking over the blog, lots of good info for meeting customers and letting them know how great your art is!


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