Getting Images Ready for the Art Fair Jury


Glass artist Fred Warren, prizewinner at both Cherry Creek and the Ann Arbor Street Fair this summer.

As an artist in the art fair marketplace you well know that there are two things you need to succeed in this business:

1. You have to get into the show.
2. You have to have something people will buy when you get there.

That’s it! The entire nuts and bolts of the business.

So why didn’t you get into the Cherry Creek Arts Festival, or the St. Louis Art Fair or the Ann Arbor Street Fair?

Ever wondered how your jury slides stack up with the best in the business? The Philadelphia Museum of Art presents what is arguably the best indoor “craft” fair in the country and here is your chance to see how you stack up.

Visit their website and take a look at this fabulous work:

Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

You might also look at the images for the upcoming St. Louis Art Fair. The advantage of the Philadelphia Craft Show site is that it shows a complete set of the artists slides so that you can get a good idea of what an entire quality presentation is.

After you are finished looking look again at your slides. It is entirely possible that you were not rejected by the quality of your work, but your presentation. Take a few lessons from what you just saw and put your energy into making your images shine for the juries. Then, next year, after you have been accepted you will know that that time taken away from working on your art was time well spent that will pay off for a long time.


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