Vandals at Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis


In the wee hours of last Saturday morning night vandals struck the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis with resultant damage to several artists booths.

Here is a quote from the NAIA artists forum:

I heard a photographer had damage and pots were thrown or broken. Neighbors in apartments adjacent to the show heard, saw, and reported it. I also heard they had two suspects in custody the following night. I heard there was blood in the ceramic booth?, so they had left DNA behind. My friend said it was as if he would grab the leg of the canopy and try to pull it into the street. the show called him at 7:00 AM
and did everything they could to help the artists.

They have overnight security but the show is large. They said they doubled the security Saturday night and had no incidents that night. The assistant show director said all artists chose to stay which she felt was a good thing.

As the week went by more details came out, partly that the security was hampered by the need for a large police presence at the I-35 bridge collapse.

If you’ve never been to the Uptown Art Fair you need to know that it is a large sprawling event, extending several blocks down one of the main streets, Hennepin, and then several blocks down through a residential area. Patrolling it would certainly be a challenge.

According to reports a deranged person was wreaking havoc for 40 minutes with repeated calls to 911 until some brave person went down there and stopped this person.

Many artists were affected by this destruction. To read the final report in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, click here.

What is an artist to do? It is next to impossible at some art fairs for an artist to pack up their work every night, especially after a ten hour art fair day and then loading in the dark and setting up again in the morning. When art fairs take the money from artists one of the things the artists is buying is night time security.

What else? Hopefully an artist has insurance to cover these losses. K and K Insurance is the largest insurance in the country that insures events and individuals. Check in with them to be prepared for your next event.

Want to hear some upbeat news about Uptown? Check out the following photos, young people dancing on the stages. It really gives you a good feeling about the magical things that happen at art fairs. You’ll love the Uptown Art Fair Dance.


One Response to “Vandals at Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Another reason why I don’t participate in this Art Fair, besides the lofty prices to get in.

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