Call for Artists: Cape Coral, FL


CC booth

January 12 & 13

Cape Coral Festival of the Arts
downtown Cape Coral, FL
280 Exhibitors
10 am to 5 pm both days
Deadline: November 1

Where is Cape Coral? On the Gulf Coast, between Fort Myers and Sanibel. Visit this link to see if this fits into your January plans. Artist snowbirds get eager to get to Florida in the winter to “do” some art fairs. Look at this date seriously if you are one of them.

In 1984 the Rotary Club of Cape Coral, FL, was looking for a new project that would benefit the community and serve as a fund raiser for other projects.

That was 23 years ago, and sleepy Cape Coral has since grown into a large and diverse city albeit with a small town charm. The art festival (now named the Realmark Cape Coral Festival of the Arts) has grown over the years to a major two-day event celebrated throughout the community and expertly run by the Rotary Club with the proceeds going to a number of Rotary-sponsored charities. Last year they hosted nearly 95,000 visitors.

Four good reasons to think “Cape Coral”

  • community-sponsored
  • experienced organizers
  • great date
  • good booth fee

Does this sound like your kind of art fair? If so, you are invited to visit the website and download the application.



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