Yikes! How Am I Going to Get to the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis?



Hand-painted silk clothing at Krasl Art Fair in St. Joe, MI

These are hard days in Minneapolis and we are all stopped in our tracks, figuratively. When an artist thinks about the first weekend in August there is only one destination in mind: Minneapolis. Yesterday’s bridge collapse and the attendant sadness and taking stock of life reminds me of Labor Day weekend in 2005.

I was checking in artists at Arts, Beats & Eats and they were coming in off the road from all over the country, but those coming from the south were so thankful to have reached their destinations. They were chased by heavy winds and rain from Katrina as they headed north. Michigan was cool and beautiful that weekend and it was indeed a welcome escape from the terrors of life.

I also well recall setting up an art fair the weekend after 9/11. Should we, or shouldn’t we? It turned out to be a very healing experience. The Boy Scouts hoisted the flag and the local Miss St. Clair Shores led the singing as everyone in the park turned to the flag pole and sang “America the Beautiful.” Another wonderful art fair memory.

This weekend in Minneapolis people will be putting things into perspective as they think about how many times in their lives they have crossed that bridge over the Mississippi. Crossing the Mississippi is a part of daily life in the Twin Cities. How does a Minnesotan approach the next bridge?

Let’s hope they can. Let’s hope they can find respite in their daily rituals and let’s hope they can carry through with their weekend plans to visit the triumvirate of art fairs being hosted in their community this weekend.

So, how are they going to get to the art fair in Uptown at the Uptown Art Fair, or to the  Loring Park Art Festival and to Powderhorn Art Fair? Here is some info from the Uptown web site:

Please be aware that many of the streets have been re-routed near the area of the bridge collapse on 35W between Washington Avenue and University Avenue near downtown Minneapolis.

I-94 is accessible from the east and the west as well as from 35W from the south. If you require more detailed driving directions, please call 311 as you enter the City of Minneapolis.


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