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Exciting New Opportunity for 2-D Artists

August 28, 2007

You are invited to apply to The Artist Project, an exhibition and sale dedicated to independent artists that will run concurrently with Art Chicago as part of ARTropolis 2008. The Artist Project will be an extraordinary opportunity for a select group of artists to take advantage of Chicago’s legendary art weekend and the thousands of art enthusiasts that it draws.

This is your chance to be part of Chicago’s major art explosion, a city-wide celebration of art, antiques and culture that drew an audience of 42,000 last year and breathed new life into Chicago’s art community.

The Merchandise Mart is at the heart of the ARTropolis activities. The sponsors of The
Artist Project
are the same people who host the very successful One-of-A-Kind Show in December. Coming in late April, held indoors at this well-known venue, The Artist Project can be your opportunity to:

  • meet patrons who do not attend outdoor art fairs
  • be seen by an international audience of visitors to Artropolis
  • show your work in a sophisticated environment
  • be part of a show that will be a springboard to new opportunities
  • earn income in April — the timing could not be better

As part of ARTropolis, The Artist Project will be located on the 8th floor of The Merchandise Mart and will be marketed via major advertising, direct mail, online, and PR programs. Participating artists will be featured on the show’s website and in the show’s directory.

Want to learn more? Artist Benefits
Ready to apply? Artist Application


Ten Artists Not To Miss At Arts, Beats & Eats

August 24, 2007

Looking through Sonny Dalton’s sculpture at
Allan Teger’s photos at Arts, Beats & Eats

1. Mitch Wolok – from Steinhatchee, FL, former Detroiter; wood carver working only with wood he has gathered from nature resulting in all one-of-a-kind pieces

2. Steve Edgar – from Tallahassee, FL, last year’s Best of Show winner, creates one-of-a kind leather bags with startling designs and fabulous workmanship

3. Earl James – from Cleveland, OH – Glass blower who creates luminous glass objets, all one-of-a-kind

4. Svetlana – from Burdett, NY, Russian émigré who both weaves and designs fine clothing in finely coordinated colors and styles

5. Ed Holland – Marquette, MI, photographer working in black and white creating his own highly distinctive imagery. Website:

6. New in 2007! Juan Gutierrez – ceramicist from Zebulon, NC, sculptures and stories in clay, embracing the cultural history of Nicaragua and keeping the traditional methods alive today.

7. New In 2007! Steve Terlizzese – Chattanooga, TN, who calls himself a “visionary collage mosaic artist,” who is part folk artist, part modernist, using found objects in his work and creating hip, up-to-date mosaic pieces large and small. Website:

8. Laura Stamper – from New Hope, MN – A jeweler who creates wearable sculpture, crafted from porcelain and gemstones. Each piece tells a story. Website:

9. New in 2007! Alison Dryer – from Baltimore, MD, working with unusual fabric pieces creates the purse you have always wanted to own. Wonderful designs that will wow you and convince you need a new purse.

10. New in 2007! Bruce MacDonald – metalsmith from Burlington, VT whose work is exhibited at the nation’s fine craft shows. Expect to see heirloom quality pieces from large wall sculptures to fine martini glasses. Website:

Can’t wait to see the art fair? Visit Arts, Beats & Eats now for a sneak peek .

Robert Trisko showing his jewelry to a patron

More interesting information from the artists about themselves and their art:

Lisa Berry of Grand Rapids, MI – Fiber
One of our handwoven tapestry footstools is currently appearing in the features section of Trout Fisherman Magazine UK. The footstool is titled “Brown Trout”. One of its unique features is that we’ve attached real fly fishing flies (hooks removed of course) to the wooden trim on the base. Website:

Sandi Garris of State College, Pa – Fiber
Bold, saturated colors in art quilts for the wall, bed quilts, and table linens. Website:

Geoffrey Harris
0f Lexington, SC – Painting
Original acrylic paintings inspired by art styles and themes from the past. The artwork is influenced by vintage posters, antique advertising, art deco graphics, old wind-up tin toys, pinball machines, neon signs, juke boxes, game boards, and more. website:

My goal is to mix all of these styles, add my own artistic talent, and create truly unique retro designs.

Anne Havel from Wells, VT– Jewelry
I am a CPA and former CFO turned lampworker (flameworker–that is, I make beads), metalsmith, enamelist and I now earn my living doing craft shows throughout the Northeast and Midwest. I was always driven by color from a very early age. if I wasn’t given the 64 box of Crayola crayons I cried pitifully. I needed all those colors if I was going to able to even remotely simulate nature. I pursued photography and sewing while I was engaged in the business world so I could indulge my color drive. But I grew weary of the demands placed upon my time and ethics after 20+ years and decided to give glass beads a try. The rest is history, as they say, and I have been at it for over six years now.

I use many of my business skills in my work. Efficiency modeling, scheduling, accounting (of course), as well as analytical skills, and I truly believe I have an advantage because of my background and what I have learned over the years in both public and private accounting.

James Mayfield completing a sale at ABE

Jan Kaulins of Manitou Beach, MI – Photography
Hand-colored black and white photographs of Detroit, including The 2006 World Series, Last Game at Tiger Stadium and many other wonderful Detroit sports and architectural images. Website:

Glenn and Linda Mace of Mocksville, NC – Wood
We design vessels from beautiful exotic and domestic woods, turning them on a lathe first, and many times carving or embellishing them with found objects.

Stuart Morrow of Kansas City, MO – Mixed Media
Nightlights and Wall Lamps handcrafted from aluminum sheet metal and detailed with plexiglass and paint. Website:

Bruce Reinfeld of Philadelphia, PA – Photography
I am probably the only artist with a MySpace page: I tend to have younger hipper crowds in my booth at shows and my photography reflects just that.
You can get a lot of information on my band/art page: Website:; contact info: 215.783.8427

Dennis Thompson 0f Branson, MO – Ceramics
will be featuring a collection of his well-known and highly collectible dragon sculptures. Ranging from baby dragons peeping out of their eggs to full-scale adults, these highly detailed reptilian sculptures have been collected by many over the years and continue to delight and amaze the Arts, Beats and Eats audience.

Walt Majewski
of Tampa, FL – Drawing
Walt draws High Fashion Glamour Portraits reminiscent of Magazine Illustration using Crayola markers, to the amazement and delight of all who watch him perform. Additionally, Walt has been privileged to have performed at all 9 of the previous Arts, Beats, and Eats. PERFECT ATTENDANCE!! Website:

Drawing by Walt Majewski

Kim and Katherine McClelland of Galena, OH – Graphics
Unique engravings on ancient ivories from Alaska and contemporary resins

Aaron Reed of Conyers, GA – Drawing
I feel as though I should be one of the 10 artist not to be missed at ABE because I am among one of the youngest artist to travel and exhibit in some of the largest shows in the country. (at 24) I am a self-taught artist with my own unique style were I give an abstract but realistic approach to my drawings, making the observer use their imagination to complete them. I started my art business at age 19. I have won several awards. Most importantly, I can be a good inspiration or role model to younger artists wanting to start a career in art. I can be a living witness to show them that dreams can come true. Website:

Hussein Saidi of Silver Spring, MD – In my 2-d mixed media collages, I imagine that all of my images are in constant motion, with static matierials such as natural fiber papers, tree barks, sisal, woodchips and other natural materials. Website:

Michael Stephens of Edinburg, PA – Jewelry
Fabricated art jewelry encompassing a broad range of non-traditional materials including barbed wire, water buffalo horn, antique keys, computer microcircuits and fossil ivory, fashioned into dramatic wearable art” that usually “tells a story”.

Why I should be one of the 10 artists not to be missed:
a. Most artists have one or two distinctive “branded” styles. My jewelry is a true “one-of-a-kind” (never to be duplicated) with its own style.
b. The material, or the stone drive the dimensions of the jewelry design, making almost all pieces distinct and different.
c. Materials: barbed wire, antique Chinese signature stamps, fence wire, antique keys, antique marbles, soft drink cans, Wooly Mammoth Ivory, coins and computer micro-circuits, to name a few found objects
d. The “Adobe Series” uses natural picture jasper stones as the landscape backgrounds and then sculpt ancient American Indian “Pueblo” structures, trees, and cloud features to create miniature, wearable landscape paintings of the Southwest.
e. People have commented that looking through my showcases is like looking through an art gallery.
f. And I am an OK guy. Website:

Clark Stoeckley of Louisiana, MO – Drawing
I began selling my artwork at art fairs when I was 7 years old until I turned 13. Being quite fascinated after a trip I took along Route 66 with my uncle, I drew landscapes of the Southwest and still lifes of chili peppers. I get back on the road whe I turned 16 selling my dad’s work at low end arts and crafts festivals in Missouri until I turned 19. Then I got my act together and filled my summer breaks with art fairs to support me through art school. I am lucky to say I have never had a real job, and I am not quite sure that I am even employable. Website:

Cukier of Casselberry, FL – Mixed Media
Each sculpture I create is a process which begun by educating my self about my family heritage . All of the art I make is comprised of many different medias including : *Paperclay, gold, silver, copper leaf, handmade papers, paints, gemstones and some found objects.

I recycle what is old and make it new. My new series features
vintage postage stamps from Israel. This has been a true educational process since the history of Israel is depicted through her postage! Each stamp tells a story and to incorporate this significant part into one of my mixed media sculptures I have learned much about my heritage and the history of Israel.

Since I have debuted this series the public reaction has been incredible. Many cannot believe how unique but the true compliment from my collectors and audience is how each piece of my art is connected to another family. It brings forth how we are all truly connected over the years and how history is so important to pass along to our children.

My art pieces often create a discussion of their own among visitors in my booth who become acquainted through my art pieces. My children have become very interested in this series of artwork and have learned a great deal from the initial collection of the stamps along with the full creative process that takes place with each sculpture.

I am currently working on a piece of artwork which will be displayed in an exhibition in Washington, DC, that focuses on the postage stamp series from Israel. This is truly a great honor to be able to represent my heritage.

Most recently I had the fortune of meeting and making a piece of artwork for the granddaughter of the distinguished person on one of my postage stamps! I never imagined that my dream would come true in such a unique fashion to bring others together through my artwork. It is my hope that all artists will take the initiative to create and educate. Doing this will ensure a strong cultural future for us all. Website:

Debbie LaPratt of Shelby Township, MI – ceramics
I feel that I am an entrepreneurial business person. I have a store that has been open for over a year in Livonia with 20 of Michigan’s finest artist. Each one brings to the table their uniqueness and talents to make this store work. It takes a village to make art work. The store is in Livonia at Laurel Park Place Mall. The store is called ART- IS -IN – MARKET.

Michael Holloway – of Keller, TX – Metal
I’m definitely the person with an entrepreneurial background. Besides being a CFO for an Oil & gas and real estate company, I was also the personal business manager and CFO for the billionaire Bass/Taylor family organization. I am an investor in a chain of restaurant/bar operations and two commercial real estate companies in Colorado. I mentor fellow artist on their business skills and speak often to high school aged children about business and art.

Being able to bring the Iron Chinchilla functional art studio to fruition was my life long passion. I was always an artist at heart trying to break through the bindings of the business world.

Also, I believe I am one of the 10 artists not to miss. I have been at Arts Beats for several years now and sell out almost every year. Website:

Artist Patrick Pierson of Palm Springs, FL – Oil Painting
Palm Springs, FL 33461-1907
561.965.6209 OR 561.707.3526

I will be debuting a new body of artwork at the ARTS, BEATS & EATS Art Festival under the banner, PLANET ZOOTOPIA.

The art depicts anthropomorphic characters — toads, alligators, dodo birds & flamingos to name a few — in whimsical roles filled with irony, set in a metaphorical world that celebrates life on Planet Zootopia.

The pieces include short narratives and are accompanied by various artifacts that have been recovered from Zootopia.

Tagline: Zootopians celebrate life. Though it sometimes kicks them around, they embrace it all the same; from lovers spurned and fortunes lost to the joy of revelation through emancipation, be it good or bad, they celebrate.

Yours Most Fincerely, Patrick Pierson Website:

For more about Arts, Beats & Eats

Update on Erotic Show in St. Pete

August 24, 2007

It looks like the new Erotic Art Show in St. Petersburg, FL, is not causing a big flap. What a cool contrast: The Salvador Dali Museum and the Erotic Art Show existing peacefully in the same city. Doesn’t that show that the denizens of St. Pete are up to the challenges of living in a diverse society?

“White Series #1” by Norm Darwish 

Christine Silva of the St. Petersburg Times includes this quote in her story:

“There are people who are museum professionals who don’t always get that there is some sort of criteria for what makes something art or what makes good art,” said Kathy White, deputy director of the Dali Museum. “It isn’t all just a matter of taste or opinion.”

City Council Chairman John Bryan said he had no problem with the idea of an erotic art gallery, so long as the works were not displayed publicly. But he said it is unlikely the city will advertise the gallery on its Web site anytime soon.”

For the rest of the story visit the St. Petersburg Times.

Art Show Promises Shock and Ahhh…

August 23, 2007

We all know that anything to do with sex is a big draw: movies, ads, books, songs, performances. No surprise. A relatively new movement is taking place in the art world. Nudity has always been an acceptable subject in art and I can’t imagine what has taken so long to catch on here.

“Intrusions #3” by Norm Darwish

Several years back The Dirty Show opened in a warehouse in Detroit’s Eastern Market to rave reviews and huge crowds. It was the place to be for all the young cognoscenti. Patterned after another one in Seattle, the Seattle Erotic Art Festival, it has been a cool place to hang out, see what would not be hanging in the Detroit Institute of Arts, and collect some fine one-of-a-kind work.

For more info on both: The Dirty Show, Seattle Erotic Art Festival

So, it was with some consternation for the blue hairs and city fathers when it was announced that the First Annual Erotic Art Show would open in St. Petersburg this weekend. St. Pete is definitely better known for its shuffleboard courts.

“The show will be one of the first major exhibits to feature nudity in St. Petersburg in recent memory, said art leaders, who added they were surprised that the city would welcome anything that included nude works,” reports Christine Silva of the St. Petersburg Times.

Way to go, St. Pete!

To read the rest of the story visit this link.

Call for Crafts-Naperville, IL

August 22, 2007

17th Annual Harvest of the Hands Art and Craft Fair

Saturday, November 3, 2007
9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Community United Methodist Church,
20 N. Center Street, Naperville, Illinois 60540

Some of the things that you might appreciate about the Harvest include:

* very flexible booth sizing,
* a choice of set-up times,
* free refreshments during morning set-up,
* lunch is available to crafters at a nominal fee,
* free admission for visitors,
* assistance of an enthusiastic group of volunteers from set-up through tear down.

The Harvest is juried to ensure the originality, quality and variety of handcrafts that our visitors have come to expect. Only individuals selling their own handwork are eligible to participate. Applications from resellers and artists’ representatives are not considered.

In order to facilitate a successful day, we limit the number of artists in each craft category. Artists that convey that they have a distinct specialty will receive preference. If you have a niche or specialty craft, please highlight this in your description so that we can take it into consideration.

At this time we are closed to gem and crystal jewelry.

For an application please send an email to Suzanne ( or call Toni at 630-369-9693.

“Word of Mouth” Marketing

August 20, 2007

There are innumerable challenges to being successful at this art fair business, but the fortunate artists are the ones who keep up to date on business practices and are
continually updating their skills. One of the most important is, of course, marketing. Here are some good tips that I recently uncovered from a noozle to which I subscribe: Gas Pedal’s

“Word of Mouth” Marketing is one of the hot new buzz words, and you know it works! Networking, sharing info, why in the heck are you reading this article right now? Here goes:

The Three Reasons People Talk About You

Reason #1: You. They Like You and Your Stuff.

They like you. They feel a connection to your company, they respect what you do, and they want to support you. So they bring their friends. People feel driven to share things they like with their friends, so their friends can enjoy them too. Create great products and services that inspire them. (Think about TiVo, the best album ever, the
best cookie you ever ate, or the spot remover that actually works.)

Be likeable. Make great stuff. Provide great service.

Archie Smith of Mt. Pleasant, NC likable, making great stuff, providing great service

Reason #2: Them. Talking Makes Them Feel Good

People talk because it makes them feel special, smart, connected, in the know, and important. (Think about the restaurant guy, the what’s-on-sale maven, the computer guru.) People also feel good when they can help others find what they need or solve problems. (Think about the guy who always knows which contractor to call or which car to buy.) Provide reasons to talk that make your talkers feel smart and special.

Reason #3: Us. They Feel Connected to the Group

Talking about a company and being passionate about it makes us feel like part of a family. We talk about it because it makes us feel included on the team. (Think about Harley owners, Apple junkies, sports fans, and
anyone who loves a great band.) Rally the team. Give them shirts, private discussion groups, special events, and public recognition.

To learn more about this topic and to sign up for this really useful newsletter visit: While you’re there spend some time looking over the blog, lots of good info for meeting customers and letting them know how great your art is!

Enjoying The Uptown Art Fair

August 19, 2007

Artists who were exhibiting at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis will appreciate the admiring comments of blogger Jamie Thingelstad on her blog: Writing to his friends and family he tells the story that we hope is the tale told by the millions of people who visit this nation’s art fairs.

Art by Greg Hubbard

Ceramic sculpture by Greg Hubbard

Not only did he visit the Uptown Art Fair twice, he bought art and wrote a nice commentary on his favorite artists. To read Jamie’s blog visit:

Craft Shows & The Jurying Process

August 17, 2007

I recently received this e-mail from a subscriber to my noozle. The issues she touches on have been debated as long as art fairs and craft shows have existed. We all get paranoid sometimes, sure that one event or another has “blacklisted” us.

I remember one fine sculptor (I refuse to mention names, but you know who you are) years ago who added a $30.00 item to his booth (for a little cash flow) who was sure, for quite some time, that every time he didn’t get accepted into an art fair it was because the committee knew about his low-end product.

Here is Nancy’s message. I would welcome any comments, as I am sure she would also:

Hi Constance,

We have received your messages for awhile. We would like to find out about shows that are looking for artists who design and handcraft jewelry. My husband has been doing this for almost 40 years. We are finding it very difficult to get into the better craft shows because they always have the same people year after year.

There seems to be no room for someone other than their usual people. What is a real con is that they charge money to be juried into their shows when they already know that most of the spaces will be filled with their regular people. To be fair they should return the jury fees to potential artists when they already know that those areas are already filled and they already know this. By collecting this extra money from the artists who are applying in good faith, these vendors are not jurying in good faith.

Most artists can’t afford to constantly have to pay this extra fee especially when there is little likelyhood that they will be juried into these shows. Why don’t you bring this fact up to the people that tell you about their shows and get an honest response from them.

Two Virtuoso Art Links: Drawing & Music

August 15, 2007

Drawings by Don Coons

Ah yes, this blog is for artists and art lovers. Recently friends have sent me two wonderful links that are both amazing. I hope you will enjoy them.

1.   Do you think you can draw? Are you ready for a lesson? Visit this cool art link, courtesy of woodworker/entrepreneur/gallery owner Richard Rothbard.

Take a lesson here:

2.  I first saw this video a week or so ago but its uplifting message has stayed with me. Need a good feeling? Then please visit this link, recently posted by artist Pat Hecker on the NAIA Forum.

I know you will enjoy it and watch it more than once:

Your Chance To Be in the Movies

August 15, 2007

Do you want to be in the movies? Michael Moore’s recent movie SiCKO really hit the nail on the head for many artists who have a hard time affording health insurance. Moore is asking for people to share their stories. The story below was posted by Duke Klassen on the NAIA Forum a few weeks ago.

You now have the opportunity to print and carry your very own “‘SiCKO’ Health Care Card.” Playing the ‘SiCKO’ card has worked for a family in DeBary, Florida, whose daughter suffered profound hearing loss and was denied a cochlear implant. Her father sent a letter to Cigna asking, “has your CEO ever been in a film before?” Before he knew it, his daughter’s denial was overturned. It also worked for a family in Flint, Michigan who was stuck with a $66,000 medical bill until they posted their healthcare horror story on YouTube. Click here to see what happened next.

Download the PDF of the card below and follow these simple guidelines:

1. Carry the card in your wallet with your insurance card.

2. If denied treatment, show your SiCKO card to your doctor/insurer.

3. Ask your insurer if they’d like to be in Michael Moore’s next movie, DVD, or appear on

4. Tell them that, if denied, you will seek coverage from your local media.

5. E-mail your story to

Download the card here.