A2 Art Fair(s)-Part III-No Braggin’, No Bitchin’






      Jeweler Bob Trisko helping a patron at Ann Arbor.

Here are the last of my reports from the Ann Arbor Art Fairs which closed on Saturday. The first one tells of some of the damage when the high winds came through on Thursday and everyone took cover. Because of the high winds that come through between buildings there is often a funnel that shoots through on Maynard, destroying art booths in its wake. Read more about this at: Mlive.com, the website for the Ann Arbor News.

A great wrap up story of good times and good sales can also be found at the Ann Arbor News at this link: Tales of sales close on high note.

Thanks for the good party at Sally & Barry Bright‘s house in Linden, MI, hosting artists and art patrons relaxing in the aftermath of the fair. Congratulations to Galen Carpenter for what he says may have been his best Ann Arbor Art Fair ever. Sally’s hip replacement operation has gone well and she is looking forward to exhibiting in Minneapolis at the Uptown Art Fair in early August.


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