The Ann Arbor Report – Part II


As you well know the Ann Arbor Art Fairs get lots of press, but in case you don’t live in the area, or are an artist who didn’t have time to follow it I have rounded up a bunch of stories to fill you in:

Art Immersion, Tom Crawford of Ann Arbor’s blog, has lots of photos, and it is fun to run around the fair with him, check it out here.

Another good story is from the website Their reporter made a quick sweep through the fairs on Saturday afternoon and had a very rosy picture to paint of successful sales. Yippee! Visit Tales of Sales.

I found this story very amusing. A columnist, Judy McGovern, from the Ann Arbor News asked an artist if she could spend the day in her booth to get another view on the art fairs. Marion Schlauch, a potter from Tennessee, graciously consented, and a new viewpoint is seen. Read Life in the Booth at the Ann Arbor News blog.

While you are there you might click on Artists Stories under “Categories” on the left hand side and see interviews and videos of some of the exhibiting artists, a whole bunch of them.

Everyone was there, including a reporter from WebWire, an internet press release resource. They reported on the intersection of art and science which they found in the South University Fair where you could purchase photos made by scientists from the University of Michigan Center for Organogenesis. These sound pretty amazing. Read the story.

This is what they had for sale: “When fair goers buy the center’s popular note cards, matted prints, and framed and matted prints, they get to share a bit of the excitement scientists feel as they gaze in their microscopes at cells developing into different types of cells in the body.”

You may recall I told you about the new (2nd) year Indie Art Fair, the Shadow Art Fair in Ypsilanti, that was held on Saturday. It surely sounded like lots of fun…imagine a slogan “40 Artists and 9000 Gallons of Beer,” well, here is the update on how that fair fared. Visit:


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