The Art Fair Report: Ann Arbor


It happened again! I’ve been to so many art fairs over the last quarter century that I thought I was jaded. After attending the Krasl Art Fair in St. Joe, MI, last weekend I was pleased but not excited. THEN…on Wednesday off to Ann Arbor. Fabulous, fabulous!

Jody McLeane talking with a customer

Yes, this event is more than an art fair needs to be, and there are definitely “goods” that you would not want in your home or office, but those booths are easy to skip. Move fast so you can really drink in the beautiful, unusual creative goods awaiting you in the next booth.

Now this is definitely NOT Art available at a mall near you.

The Street Fair (the original) near the Bell Tower had new artists as well as the regulars. So you think you have seen it already…the old regulars surprise you with their ever expanding vision. I suggest you don’t miss the corner booths A124 & A125, James & Kathleen Eaton, an art fair power couple who bring art that treats the eye and calls out your lust factor. A few spaces away Jody DePew McCleane‘s pastels glow with wonderful light and shadow.

Kathleen Weir-West (A234) looking not nearly as pleased as she actually was!

Another power couple are Dale Rayburn (A129) and Mamie Joe (A372). Dale’s realism is a stark contrast to the expressionism of Mamie’s paintings. I even found a new photographer to love: Steven Gregory (A359).

It was great seeing old friends like Fred Warren (A350) winning another award after his triumph at Cherry Creek, potter Carolyn Carroll on State Street (C038) and Anne London‘s fabulous drawings on North University (B247), and exciting to see the sales success of Seung Lee (E186) as his fine prints left the booth! Hi again to Ed Bordett (E173), long time, no see!

The weather continues to be beautiful, so make tracks for Ann Arbor. You will never regret it. I think maybe I have to go back tomorrow!

Don’t take my word for it, here is a good place for more details:


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