Trends Among Artists: A Survey From the NAIA


The NAIA (National Assn. of Independent Artists) has written a survey to assess the trends in the art fair business. This is the most highly credible organization of artists associations and it would be well worth your while to participate in the survey.

Here is their request:

I would like to ask your participation in a new survey of artists that participate in art or fine craft shows.

Are sales at shows bad or just fine? To answer this question we first need to ask many, many artists that participate in this world of shows. NAIA, the National Association of Independent Artists, has just launched an extensive
new survey in attempt to answer that question. Participants need not be a member of NAIA. In fact, NAIA is trying to elicite responses from as many artists as possible. How many of us are there anyway? 3,000? 5,000? NAIA is
trying to spread word of the survey throughout the entire country.

Please participate. The survey will take only about 15 minutes of your time. Results will be available for all to see on the NAIA webpage after August 25, 2007 at this URL:

To learn more about the survey go here:


Please help spread the word. The more responses to the survey, the more accurate the interpretation of the results.

– Sally J. Bright
NAIA Board of Directors Chair


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