Adding Insult to Injury at Long’s Park


The Long’s Park Art and Craft Festival in Lancaster, PA, is one of the top art fairs in the country. Many artists apply every year hoping to be included in the Labor Day weekend event. A very selective jury chooses the ones they deem the best, leaving others disappointed.

After receiving the notice that they were not accepted (for this year) usually artists hear no more from the event planners until it is time for the next years applications. But this year artists were more than a little insulted this week when the unaccepted artists received another communication. Read below for the letter. Don’t miss paragraph 7.

Greetings from Long’s Park:

While our last communication bore disappointing news about exhibiting in our 2007 show, we come to you today with another way to bring your work to our Labor Day weekend guests. Our 2007 Gate Catalog will be offered at no charge to every attendee, and we’d welcome you as an advertiser.

This piece is an attractive information source that’s relied on extensively during our guests’ shopping experiences at the park. Since our Gate Catalog will again include contact information on all of our 2007 exhibitors, it will also be a piece that’s retained for reading and referencing after the show.

I am attaching a PDF with more information on advertising in the valuable marketing piece. Reservations and payment are due by July 15th. Artwork is needed by August 1st.

We hope you’ll find this alternative way to get into the Long’s Park show is worth your consideration.

Amy Marberger
2007 Long’s Park Art & Craft Festival Managing Director

Long’s Park Art & Craft Festival
Gate Catalog Advertising
General Specifications Ad Sizes and Prices
Digital art required. Otherwise, there will be an
additional charge to create your art.

The Long’s Park Amphitheater Foundation reserves the right to revise or reject any advertising copy.

Electronic artwork may be submitted on CD or Zip or by email in Quark XPress v. 5.0, Photoshop v. 6.0, Adobe Illustrator v. 8 or Adobe Acrobat v. 5.0.

All fonts must be embedded in PDF files. All licensed
screen and printer fonts must be included for other
formats. All graphics used must be provided.

A hard copy printout of your ad must accompany any electronically submitted artwork.

All artwork must be submitted to fit within the actual
size of ad purchased, and crop marks must be noted.

All photography must be provided as scanned images.

Reservations and payment due no later than July 15, 2007.

Artwork due by August 1, 2007. Please check your ad size. All dimensions are width by height. Pricing is net.

….(The cost of the ads runs from $175 for a group ad 1/6 of a page to $925 for a full page back cover.)….

Electronic artwork provided Electronic artwork to follow
Artwork should be mailed to: Long’s Park Amphitheater
Foundation, P. O. Box 1553, Lancaster, PA 17608-1553.
PDFs should be emailed to with hard copy faxed to (717) 299-1571.
I/We enclose my/our check, made payable to “Long’s Park
Amphitheater Foundation,” in the amount of $ _____.
Please charge $ ______ to my/our Account No. Exp. Date
Name on Credit Card ___________________________________
Signature ______________________________________
Market yourself to an estimated 20,000 sophisticated shoppers at the Long’s Park Art & Craft Festival. All guests will receive a free, full color gate catalog as they enter the four-day Labor Day weekend event. Listing all exhibitors and their contact information, guests read it while they’re at the show and use it as a resource after they return home.

** Special discounted group rates are available to advertisers doing business in a common shopping area (e.g. Downtown Lancaster, Brickerville, Rockvale Square, etc.). A header at the top of the page will identify the shopping area. To qualify for Group rates, a total of three third page ads or six sixth page ads must be purchased
and appear under one heading.


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