New! The Art Show Artist’s Survival Guide


The long-awaited Art Show Artists’ Survival Guide is now available. It is a resource of tips, ideas and inspiration by NAIA artist members culled from its Membership Forum archives, submissions, and web site. The experienced festival artist, as well as the novice, will find a treasure trove of insight, helpful hints and inside information that are sure to make your art show experience easier and more successful.

What we like best about this book is that it is a compilation of the best ideas from the top art fair artists on surviving and thriving in the competitive art fair business. It is full of practical information!

Don’t just take my word for it, look at these testimonials:

NAIA Artist Member John Bauman has this to say about the Survival Guide:

“Here’s the truth: The best art fair advice you ever receive from other artists is always given…Can I go back thirty years and have a do-over?”

Duke Klassen, another NAIA Artist Member, says,
“Amazing! After thirty-odd years of doing art fairs here comes a survival guide that makes life easier. Easy solutions, ingenious solutions, down-right clever solutions to all of the problems that crop up in an art -fair-road-warrior’s life. Seeing and hearing ideas from people we all know makes the guide compelling reading. The simplicity and ingenuity of many of the suggestions leave me in awe of the tribe we all belong to.”

And Shary Brown, Executive Director of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair and long-time contributor to the NAIA says, “An entertaining, informative and well put together volume that is filled with solutions for the art show artist. I will suggest that all our interns read it to give them a greater understanding of ‘the other side’ and what artists have to deal with.”

To preview and order your copy for the busy art fair days ahead, visit this link.

To learn more about the NAIA, an organization of the nation’s most successful art fair artists, visit their website:


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