Your Marketing Edge: Customer Service


All artists know that interacting with the interested people who attend art fairs is their surest key to financial success. It has been shown time and again that the artist who is up and visiting with these visitors in the booth will outsell those who are in the back with a book.

Here is an interesting article about differentiating yourself from others by Gary M. Stern in the Small Business Review:

For many small businesses, delivering superior customer service isn’t an add-on, an extra benefit or a cherry on the sundae, it’s about survival. Small companies can’t match industrial giants, retail superstores or giant consumer marketers for promotional and advertising budgets. And they usually can’t afford to undersell the big guys. But they do have a powerful marketing tool–enhanced customer service—if they choose to use it.

At Prudence Design & Events, a florist in Manhattan, co-owner Grayson Handy, says its personalized, up to and including accompanying brides to the catering hall, sustains its business. “We’re competing with huge companies such as Teleflora and 1-800 Flowers that have endless pockets to advertise galore and reach millions of people through their websites,” he says.

Taking advantage of a small business’ advantage

Still, many small businesses fail to deliver the service that can provide a competitive advantage. “They haven’t understood how creating one-on-one relationships and making their customers feel personally valued and appreciated is what gives them their biggest differentiation from larger organizations,” explains Paul Levesque, author of Customer Service Made Easy.

To read the rest of this article visit the Small Business Review.


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